Avocado Egg Salad with Cottage Cheese Jump to RecipeAvocado Egg Salad with Cottage Cheese has eggs, avocado, cottage cheese, celery, green onions, and the perfect lemony dressing.And this is a delicious version of egg salad that’s low in carbs and high in protein!  For a long time I wasn’t a big fan of egg salad.But as soon as I took one bite of this Avocado Egg Salad with Cottage Cheese, I could tell it was something I was going to make over and over.

I do think it’s partly the flavors in my lemony dressing that made the this fun egg salad with avocado such a wow for me, and if you’re an egg salad fan and like avocados and cottage cheese, I bet you’re going to love it too! I first made this when my brother Rand came to visit.Back then he was a vegetarian, so I made this recipe as something that would work for both a vegetarian houseguest (Rand) and a protein-obsessed salad eater (me), and we both loved the egg salad with avocado and cottage cheese.Rand ate his inside and I just ate mine plain.

And I was happy to discover this was still delicious after being in the fridge overnight, yaay! I don’t think it will keep well for much longer than one night though, but I bet you won’t have that much left over.I hope you enjoy trying it! What ingredients do you need for this recipe? (This is only a list of ingredients; please scroll down for complete printable recipe.Or if you use the JUMP TO RECIPE link at the top of the page, it will take you directly

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