Home » Cookies » Chocolate Toffee Cookies Jump to Recipe Jump to RecipeI’ve been baking up these tasty gems for decades.The rich chocolate dough is chock full of candy chunks and nuts making these decadent Chocolate Toffee Cookies a surefire hit! Laden with add-ins, these Toffee Brownie Cookies will make you a quick fan with your first bite.Table of Contents hide 1 Why You Must Make 2 Frequently Asked Questions 3 How Do You Make Soft Homemade Cookies? 4 What Makes Cookies Chewy? 5 Can You Soften Cookies that are Dry or Stale? 6 Recipe Tips: 7 Prepping the Dough 8 Baking, Cooling, and Garnishing Tips 9 You May Also Like: 10 Shop This Recipe: 11 Chocolate Toffee Cookies Why You Must Make I’ve been making delicious cookies since 2000 when they were fe

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