One-pot Broccoli Pasta is creamy, lemony, cheesy and chock full of tender broccoli florets to work some nutrition into the mix.Add shredded chicken, or keep it vegetarian—no matter how you serve it, you’re going to love this quick and easy recipe! WANT TO SAVE THIS RECIPE? Enter your email below to save this recipe to your free Well Plated recipe box.Email Address *Hidden Username FieldGo From time to time, we'll send you the best of Well Plated.

We respect your privacy and you can opt out anytime.Already registered? Log in here.Why You’ll Love This Creamy Broccoli Pasta Recipe One-Pot Pasta for the Win.How much do we love a one-pot pasta recipe? SO MUCH.

But let’s be real, not all of them are winners; some leave you with bloated noodles or mushy veggies, but this easy broccoli pasta won’t let you down! (Cauliflower Pasta and Chicken Parmesan Pasta are also one-pot winners.) Creamy and Cheesy, Without Overdoing It.The starch from the pasta stays in the pot, rather than being drained off, which helps you achieve a luxurious sauce without heavy cream and heaps of cheese.In fact, I use nonfat milk when I make this healthy broccoli pasata recipe! You get cheesy, creamy pasta without the heaviness (and regret).

A Main or a Side: Your Call.If you grew up eating Pasta-Roni as a side for Chicken Tonight (IYKYK), you’ll get a hit of nostalgia serving this broccoli pasta as a side dish for Pan Fried Chicken Breast or Baked Chicken Breast.

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