How to Grow Daikon Radish by: Sarah 0 Comments Posted:11/20/2022Updated:11/20/2022 Time for a bonus installment in our How to Grow Chinese Vegetables Series! Today, we’re talking about how to grow Daikon Radish, a tasty, mild, and sweet winter radish that we use a lot in our cooking.  If you’re new to this series, check out our past posts on how to grow bok choy, napa cabbage, Chinese eggplant, chilies, and Chinese garlic chives, as well as our new Garden/Farm section of the blog.Throughout this growing season, we’ve partnered with Choy Division, a regenerative Asian produce farm in upstate New York, to write a post about a different crop each month, from June to October.Well, we’re coming at you with one more bonus post in November to cover this cool weather crop, which we’re still harvesting out of our garden!  What Is Daikon Radish? Daikon radish is a large, elongated white radish with a mild, sweet flavor and crisp texture.

Daikon is the most common name in English for this root vegetable.It is Japanese for “big root.” In Chinese, this vegetable is known as luóbo in Mandarin, or lo bak in Cantonese.  When buying daikon radish, look for shiny, smooth white skin (without any black spots or bruises), and heavier roots (indicating that they’re still moist and fresh).If you grow them in your garden, you’ll know you’re getting the freshest produce possible! Some believe long-rooted radishes originated in the M

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