Shrimp with Keto Cocktail Sauce Jump to RecipeShrimp with Keto Cocktail Sauce is wonderful for an appetizer, and when you make your own cocktail sauce you can control the carbs.And I promise you that no one will ever guess that this delicious cocktail sauce is low in carbs; enjoy! I’m a huge fan of shrimp cocktail, but traditional cocktail sauce has a fair amount of sugar.That’s why I was happy when started showing up in grocery stores.

And now sugar-free ketchup and reduced-sugar ketchup are both easy to find.And this Shrimp with Keto Cocktail Sauce that’s made using ketchup without added sugar couldn’t be easier to make! And of course shrimp has barely any carbs, so this tasty Keto Shrimp Cocktail is a treat you can enjoy any time you get a craving for shrimp cocktail! And of course this would be a perfect idea for Super Bowl party food, so I’m featuring it for my pick this week! What ingredients do you need for this recipe: (This is only a list of ingredients; please scroll down for complete printable recipe.Or if you use the JUMP TO RECIPE link at the top of the page, it will take you directly to the complete recipe.) frozen cooked shrimp Sugar-Free Ketchup (affiliate link) or Low-Sugar Ketchup (affiliate link) tomato paste (affiliate link) fresh-squeezed lemon juice, I used my fresh-frozen lemon juice ground horseradish (affiliate link) Use Sugar-Free Ketchup for Keto Cocktail Sauce: Traditional Ketchup has 5 carbs per tablespoon, so you  don’

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