Jump to Recipe Almond butter protein balls are a delicious, quick and healthy snack that can be meal prepped in less than 20 minutes.Easy to grab-n-go, these protein bites are packed with almond butter, oats, flaxseed and maple syrup.Between work, kids, appointments, errands and more, it can be hard to find time to make snacks that are nourishing and delicious! This is why I love these make-ahead energy balls.They’re packed with protein and are an easy grab-and-go way to get quick and sustaining energy.

These protein balls can be customized to your liking, and even paired with a side like Greek yogurt and fruit for a simple balanced breakfast.They freeze beautifully, are quick to throw together, and packed full of protein and healthy fats to keep you satisfied (they’re also kid-approved because who doesn’t love nut butter?!).Add this sweet, nutty, and a delicious twist on the classic protein ball into the snack rotation and stay energized through your busy week! Ingredients You’ll Need Notes on Ingredients old-fashioned rolled oats: opt for certified gluten free oats to make recipe gluten free ground flaxseeds: make sure to buy ground flax, not whole.

Whole wouldn’t taste as good and you’d have to chew them very well to get the omega-3 benefits! Packed with fiber, flaxseed may help support digestion and lower total blood cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels.almond butter: can be subbed for peanut butter or any nut butter of choice.use sunflower but

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