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From the author: Terrence Paschal: You can never have enough veggie burger recipes.This Southwest Black Bean Burger is a good one for those of you who like a little heat.The one pictured is topped with a raspberry chipotle sauce I picked up at New Seasons.

This burger is very low in fat, and packed with protein and fiber.Enjoy! Estimated Cost Per Serving: $0.75 From Plant-Based on a Budget: This Southwest black bean burger is packed with flavor, protein, and fiber – while remaining incredibly budget (and pantry) friendly and simple to prepare (no sautéing required!)! Best of all, these vegan chipotle black bean burgers can be enjoyed in a bun, as part of a grain bowl, over salads, and more! Plus, cook them now and freeze for later! Hearty, Protein-dense Spicy Southwest Black Bean Burgers A decade ago, many restaurants (and take-aways) only meat-free option was the standard ‘vegan bean burger.’ While things have progressed since then (hello, meat-alternatives!), we here at PBOAB still definitely appreciate a cost-effective, pantry-friendly bean burger.So much so that we have several recipes, including spicy red bean burgers, white be

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