It’s crazy that it’s been a year since I posted an update.In some ways it seems like so much has changed and the kids have matured so much, and in other ways life is so much the same.But one thing that is constant is that life is busy.

So last week McKenzie turned two and the boys will be 5 in February.I feel like we are getting into some fun ages.They’ve already been fun, of course, but getting them all so that they are potty trained and maybe even not napping is something we are looking forward to.

McKenzie still naps once a day, but I feel like she will naturally get rid of that before too long.She could probably go down to just a catnap at this point, but we heaven’t made the leap.I simultaneously look forward to being able to do more with our time without naps, and also will miss naps (and the sweet ages they go along with).

Table of ContentsMcKenzie UpdateAshton and Brooks UpdateMom and Dad Update McKenzie Update Since McKenzie just had her birthday, we’ll talk about her first.It’s hard to know how to sum up a year, but the bottom line is she has grown so much, as most one years olds do.She has gone from a cute little waddle and just starting to walk, to full on running and either chasing her brothers around or being chased.

Regardless of which it is, they all love that particular activity.She has gone from just starting to articulate her first real words to saying nearly all of them.Her speech is really something that amazes us, particularl

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