This wild rice pilaf is flecked with shaved Brussels sprouts, herbs, and roasted vegetables.It's a fresh, festive side dish for the holidays or any meal.fall / side dishes — Jump to recipe This wild rice pilaf is a simple combination of some of my favorite fall ingredients.

It starts with chewy, nutty wild rice.Then, I add caramelized roasted sweet potatoes and umami shallots.I toss in some shaved Brussels sprouts, which wilt against the heat of freshly cooked rice and roasted veggies, and I finish it with dried cranberries, toasted pecans, and lots of thyme and parsley.I love eating this wild rice pilaf for lunch in the fall, the wild rice and roasted sweet potatoes making it hearty enough to be a satisfying meal on its own.

But this wild rice pilaf is the perfect holiday side dish too.It’s simple to make (we’re talking 10 ingredients!), and you can make it ahead.If you can squeeze one more recipe onto your holiday table this year, I hope you’ll try it.

Wild Rice Pilaf Recipe IngredientsHere’s what you’ll need to make this wild rice pilaf recipe:Wild rice, of course! If you like, you can make this dish with 100% wild rice, using the cooking instructions in this wild rice recipe.It also works well with a long grain brown rice and wild rice blend, such as Lundberg’s Wild Blend Rice.Find cooking instructions in the recipe below.

Sweet potatoes – You’ll roast them until they’re caramelized and tender.Shallots – You’ll roast them too! As t

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