This retro Creme de Menthe Cake recipe came from my mom.  Mint infused cake, a layer of fudge and minty cream create a dreamy combo! Based on my mom’s super easy recipe from the 1970’s,  I nixed the Cool Whip for real whipped cream.Plus this Grasshopper Cake can be made with a cake mix or a white cake from scratch, depending on how much time you want to spend in the kitchen.  Creme de Menthe Cake Those midweek calls from our oldest are usually paired with a request.He was invited to a Thursday night BBQ and he was wondering what treats I had lurking in the freezer.

He was plum out of luck as I had made two desserts for my book club dinner that night, and there was nothing to spare.I was nearly baked out, but I remembered doctored up cake mix recipe that was always a crowd pleaser: Creme de Menthe Cake.Easy Grasshopper Cake This is one simple mint dessert.

A box of white cake mix, jar of fudge sauce, whipped cream and creme de menthe, a mint liqueur, were the basic ingredients.Eggs, water, oil and the liqueur were added to the mix and baked up in a 9 x 13 pan.Topped with fudge, then minty whipped cream and voila, a dreamy grasshopper cake! The circa 1970’s recipe was topped with Cool Whip, but I prefer real whipped cream stabilized with a packet of Whip It.

Dazzle the mint fans in your life with this yummy cake mix cake recipe! How to Make a Creme de Menthe Cake For years, I made this grasshopper AKA  creme de menthe cake using a box mix.

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