His We had a pizza party for our niece’s 13th birthday party.We are still in love with our pizza oven.It’s awesome! Yesterday, was Caleb’s first day of 2nd grade! He was ready to go back to school so he could see all of his friends.

Maxwell doesn’t start kindergarten until next week.He is bored without brother.I took the boys to see Angry Birds 2, it was our end of the summer hurrah! They liked it.Eye opening! We need to do more to prevent this.She’s awesome.Hers New this week, drop everything and make these NOW! And one of my new favorite dinner recipes! Book Tour update, if you are coming to Washington D.C.

to hangout with me and Jessica, please RSVP here.The event is free, Room & Board just needs an estimate for snacks, etc.And check out my fun Q&A here! It’s going to be so much fun! I hope you can make it! Don’t forget to preorder the cookbook so you can get 10 Bonus Recipes and a signed book plate! I can’t wait for you guys to start cooking! SOON! Perfect for packing lunch! This is a good one to pack! This one too! Loving this tunic for fall and it comes in lots of colors.

This looks amazing!Adding this to my collection! I also added this to my cart.We went to Hearth and Hill for a back to school brunch and the boys about died when they brought out the cinnamon roll.It was massive, glad we shared:) Prioritize family dinner! Need easy dinner ideas? Try this one or this one, both are favorites at our house! Find 25 more

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